Why hire Curioso Industies

At Curioso Industries we're deeply invested in the human side of tech and all our efforts are directed at that end. We understand that people are the heart of every business and organization.

This is why we designed a process to streamline your technology projects within budget and on time. We made our process faster and better with the help of machine automation, but we still use experts when needed to do what they do best. Like creativity and innovation.

We work closely together with our clients in the stage of the project. The result is a better end result for you with more predictable cost and timeline.

A Typical Project

With those other consultants, agencies, and freelancers you don't always know what you're going to get. It's like rolling a dice.

Let's look a typical project:

What You GetCurioso IndustriesOther Companies
Years ExperienceOver 20
Successful ProjectsOver 50
Project Management
Design Thinking based approach
Comprehensive estimation and requirements gathering to avoid surprises later
Management location and timezoneNew Hampshire, USA (Eastern Time)
Designs and Developers location and timezoneUSA
Live project gantt chart and ticket view
Project Status Transparency
Accurate Project EstimatesTurned Around in Hours
Change OrdersBuilt Into the Process
Bug Fixes Included
Design System
Style guide unique to you
Pattern library
Video Conferences
Online scheduling
Post project completion support
User guide unique to you
Optional instructor guided training
Optional knowledgebase
Website or App
Manual testing
Cross browser testing
Mobile testing
Automated testing
Accessability / ADA testing and compliance
Security testing
Performance optimized
SEO optimized
Setup for analytics
Professional emails
Copy editing
Follows best practices
Revision control
Code style guidelines
Automated testing
Well documented
API documentation
Architecture and IT
Infrastructure as Code
Microservice based architecture
Security oriented
Playbooks unique to you for your team to follow
Instrumentation points for monitoring and debugging
Invoices and Payments
Pay with credit card
Pay with ACH
Pay with Paypal
Pay with Bitcoin or Etherium

Don't Roll the Dice

Most companies try to rope you into long term service contracts on projects that never end. We believe in providing you with a comprehensive technology solutions that set you up for success immediately. We don't have a long term "maintenance contract" because we know that if you are happy customer you will come back to us for your next project and refer others to us. Getting a quote is fast, easy, and low pressure with us. Try that with one of our competitors, we'll be here waiting when you get back.

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